Lion Elastomers - Emergency Alarms & Initial Response for Contractors (W.I.T. Development)

Lion Elastomers



All contractors should be aware of their location in the Plant at all times. When the Emergency Alarm System is sounded, all Contractors should stop and divert their attention to the verbal instructions that will follow.

  1. Alert Tone: Continuous, fast alternating, high-low sound followed by a verbal Announcement i.e., "Fire in 6D Process" or "Gas Escape at 8D Reactor"
  2. Plant Evacuation: Prolonged, continuous air horn blast followed by verbal announcement. Follow any special instructions for evacuation routes and assembly points that may be announced. If no special instructions for your location are announced, follow evacuation routes and assembly points indicated on the Plant map. If the evacuation route is blocked, proceed cross wind or upwind from point of emergency to an alternate assembly point.
  3. All Clear: Continuous siren followed by verbal announcement.


W.I.T. Development and Contracting

It is the intent of W.I.T. Development and Contracting and It's employees to comply with all laws as well as safety and environmental policies within the Lion Elastomer's Facility. To do this,we must constantly be aware of conditions in all work area's that could potentially produce an injury .No employee is required to work at a job they know is unsafe. Your co­operation in detecting hazards, and in turn controlling them, is a condition of your employment. Inform your supervisor immediately of any situation beyond your ability or authority to correct.

I have received and reviewed the Port Neches Elastomers Facilities Safety/Security Requirements for Contractors and we will abide by all of the policies and procedures contained therein.

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