Payroll Deduction Authorization (LA Crazy Cajun)


I authorize PEO Company, to deduct from my wages the following: local, state, and federal taxes; any court ordered payments; any deductions required by state or federal law; deductions for loss or damage to any uniforms, machinery, merchandise, equipment, tools, vehicles, or other property provided by PEO Company which I do not return or which are not returned in good condition; any unpaid loans or advances which I owe to PEO Company and, any personal expenses or charges owed by me to PEO Company.

In addition, I authorize the full unpaid amount of any such charges or expenses to be deducted from my final paycheck on the termination of my employment with PEO Company.

I acknowledge that I have received, read, and understand the contents of this PEO Company policies and safety program. If unable to read, the contents of the safety program have been read and explained to me by my supervisor. I understand that my compliance with all stated PEO Company policies, including safety, is a condition of continued employment with this PEO Company.

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