Employee Handbook Update (LA Crazy Cajun)


Employee Handbook Update: April 26, 2018

Employee Meals
Employees may purchase any menu items at a 50% discount up to $7.00 on days they work. The discount may be applied before or after shift (within 30 minutes). Employees may also receive their discount during a regularly authorized break.
Employees may NOT purchase or consume any alcoholic beverages before or during their shift. If a guest offers any employee an alcoholic beverage while that employee is
on the clock or about to be on the clock, that employee must kindly decline the offer. Bartenders are only allowed to consume alcohol if it is to “check for quality” and is a “taste”.
Uniform Policies
All – Per city and state health codes, no facial jewelry, no artificial nails or polish and all earrings must be studs only. All-natural nails must be kept clean and neat and should not pass the tip of the finger. All long hair, must be pulled back and up, so that it does not reach shoulder length.

FOH – All shoes MUST be approved for restaurant use with proper non-slip sole. Shoes must be maintained and replaced when necessary. If the company uses a vendor for shoes, all employees must purchase shoes through
company (at a discount). All pants must be of the “blue jean” variety and shorts may be blue denim or khaki. No other colors or material can be worn. Pants must not
drag the floor and must sit properly so that no undergarments or skin shows. No stretch or legging type denim. Shirts must be uniform and clean. Shirts must be tucked in or an apron must be worn.

BOH – Shirts must be uniform and clean covered by an apron while on the clock and working. No jewelry other than wedding band can be worn in the back of house. Same shoe policy as FOH. Any questions, please get with management.
Drug policy Crazy Cajun reserves the right to have any local law enforcement bring a drug sniffing dog on the premises at any given time to perform sweep of property. Any employee found to be violating company policy may be terminated immediately.

*By signing this document, I am acknowledging that all the above updates to the Crazy Cajun Handbook have been explained to me and I accept and understand. I also understand that the previous complete handbook is still in effect unless the
modification is mentioned above.
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