Company Rules and Guidelines (Korpal Enterprises)

Company Rules and Guidelines

1. I will not use any profane or foul language while on duty.

2. I will give full cooperation to all managers and other employees.

3. I will not argue with other employees or customers and treat them with respect.

4. I understand that weapons are not allowed on the property.

5. I understand that stealing of any kind is prohibited.

6. I will not work under the influence of any substance while on the clock.

7. I will arrive 5 minutes before the beginning of my shift.

8. I will complete all duties listed on the shift duties (AM and PM Duties) sign before I clock-

9. I will not come behind the counter unless I am in full uniform AND on the clock.

10. I am not allowed to make or receive personal phone calls on the business phone. I understand that the any long distance charges will be deducted from my next paycheck.

11. I am not allowed to have visitors loiter in the store or come behind the counter while on duty.

12. If I am unable to attend a scheduled shift, it is my responsibility to call and inform the manager no less than two hours prior to the beginning of the scheduled shift. I understand that I am under no circumstances allowed to miss a shift without informing the manager.

13. If I am unable to attend a shift due to medical reasons, I will not be allowed to return to work without a valid doctor’s excuse note dated for the missed day. I understand that call-ins for non-valid reasons are not acceptable.

14. I will not clock-in early or stay longer than my scheduled shift unless told to do so by the

15. I understand that it is everybody’s responsibility to keep the store clean, which includes me. If I see something dirty, I will clean it.

16. I will clock-out for my meal and all smoke breaks. However, I will not take any breaks if there is any outstanding tasks needed to be completed.

17. I am required to show up to work clean and in full uniform, and understand that I will be sent home if I do not meet these standards. A full uniform includes the following items:

a. Current Subway shirt
b. Subway hat or visor
c. Subway waist apron
d. Black/khaki pants or jeans (no holes)
e. Slip-free shoes
f. Name tag

18. I will not chew gum, eat, drink, or smoke behind the counter.

19. I will never give free food, drink, or other items to any customer, friend, or family member.

20. I am only allowed 1 6-inch sub, salad, or pizza and 1 cookie during the shift I worked. I understand that I will have to pay for anything extra that I eat, and cannot use a free meal for a later time.

21. I understand the write-up policy.

a. Write-ups will occur when found in violation to any rules or policies listed above or for any other infractions deemed necessary by the managers. The first two write-ups will serve as a warning and termination will occur after the third write-up. However, termination can occur any time prior to the issuance of a third write-up if deemed necessary.

I have read, understood, and agree to follow these rules and guidelines and understand the consequences I will
face if they are violated.

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