Employment Separation Acknowledgement (Full-Time Insurance)


Regardless of the type of separation, it is the employee's responsibility to report to the PEO Company in order to conduct a complete exit interview. This interview must take place within three (3) calendar days from the last paid day of employment. During this interview the employee will return all files, documents, equipment, keys, or other property belonging to the client company. The employee will be interviewed and a complete review of the departing assignment will be conducted by the PEO Company for any possible reassignment of employment. All final paychecks for hours worked will be paid on the pay day following the separation date. Accrued unused paid leave will be included in the final paycheck.

Any employee who separates in good standing may re-employ provided they are qualified for the position they are applying for. Any person re-employed with at least one-year time & service and who is re-employed within three months of separation will keep all accumulated time & service.

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