Wage Deduction Authorization Agreement (Economy Industrial Services)

Economy Industrial Services
J Solutions, Inc.


I understand and agree that my employer, Economy Industrial Services, Inc. and J Solutions, Inc. may deduct from my paycheck the following:

  • Drug Test Charge - $25.00
  • H2S Monitor - $125.00
  • ISTC Charges — (Vary per job)

A deduction will be made on your payroll check for the Drug test Charge of $25.00 if you fail to pass the drug screen, if you quit or are fired before the job is complete.

In the event that your H2S Monitor is lost or not returned upon discharge, a deduction of $125.00 will be deducted from your payroll check.

All ISTC charges paid by Economy Industrial Services, Inc. will be payroll deducted in the event that you quit or are fired before the job is complete or before 30 days of employment.

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