Employee Accident/Incident Policy (Economy Industrial Services)

Economy Industrial Services
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In the event that you have an accident/incident while on the job, you are to immediately report this to your supervisor. If an accident requires medical attention of first aid, the accident will be investigated and a report will be completed as soon as practical following the accident.

If you have an injury that doesn't require outside medical attention, you may apply whatever minor treatment is necessary. Your supervisor has a first aid kit available.

If you get a foreign body in your eye, these can usually be washed out with eye wash. Do not stick objects into your eyes in an effort to remove objects. This may further complicate the injury. In the event the foreign body remains or is embedded in the eye, you will be sent for medical attention.

If you have an injury that requires outside medical attention, depending upon the extent of the injury, you will be transported either by company vehicle or ambulance to a medical facility.

Near miss accidents/incidents should also be reported to your supervisor. These can be investigated and the findings can be used as material for the next safety meeting.

In the event you have an accident requiring outside medical attention of any sort, you will be referred for a drug screen.

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